Infant of Prague

infant of prague

The origin of the miraculous statue of the Infant of Prague is shrouded in legend. It is known, however, that it was brought from Spain to Prague in the 16th century and subsequently enshrined there in the Church of Our Lady of Victory in 1628. Following a destructive invasion of the city and the church by the Turks, Father Cyril, one of the shrine’s friars, was spoken to by the infant Jesus who encouraged him to repair the broken hands of this statue, promising "The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

From that time to the present, devotion to The Infant Jesus of Prague has continued and spread throughout the world.

The original statue of the child is eighteen inches tall, carved of wood, and thinly coated with wax. The left foot is barely visible under a long white tunic. The statue stands on a broad pedestal, and there is a waist-high silver case which holds it upright. The left hand holds a miniature globe surmounted by a cross, signifying the worldwide kingship of Christ. The right hand is extended in blessing in a form usually used by the Supreme Pontiff; the first two fingers are upraised to symbolize the two natures in Christ, while the folded thumb and last two fingers touch each other to represent the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

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