are available to help adults and/or children cope with numerous life issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, family conflict and much more. Counseling provided by highly skilled, compassionate Licensed Counselors with an average of 15 years of counseling experience. Most health insurance accepted. Thanks to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal, a subsidized fee scale is available for people who cannot afford the full fee. Please call 919-790-8533 (Raleigh) or 919-388-3065 (Cary) to inquire about services or to schedule an appointment.


to serve as hosts at the Oak City Outreach Center in downtown Raleigh, where people experiencing homelessness and/or hunger receive three meals a day on Saturdays and Sundays. No food preparation is involved, just a desire to spend about 3 hours welcoming people to the Center and to provide encouragement for people experiencing homelessness. To learn more or to register for one of the upcoming volunteer orientation sessions at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Sep 16 or Oct 21 please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 919-812-5546. Be prepared to be transformed!

Community Room During Mass

The use of the Community Room during the celebration of Sunday Mass is intended above all for parents of infants and very small children who are having trouble in church: a parent will take a son or daughter out for a while – or if necessary the duration of Mass – but take part in the service by way of the television.

The room is not a place for children to run wild, or for grown-ups to chat as if they weren’t at Mass. It is not in the tradition of St. Joseph’s to have a “nursery” or “cry room” or to segregate parents with small children. St. Joseph’s people rejoice in the presence of families together, but understand that even the most precious infants and correct children will have their moments. That’s why we have the Community Room set up for an “exit” strategy.

Also at times the church unfortunately just won’t hold everybody. Every Catholic Church in the Raleigh area – every one – has that problem. Those in the Community Room should be able to participate in Mass as best they can, and in moral union with the congregation inside, and not be subjected to behavior which is either irreverent or permitted to be out of control.


Unauthorized Solicitations on the St. Joseph's Grounds

Through Catholic Parish Outreach and many services of Catholic Charities -  as well as initiatives in our own parish - many in need are helped with assistance of many kinds. The monthly “Share” collection permits us to respond to crises. I must, however, urge worshipers at St. Jo-seph’s not to give money to those appealing for it af-ter our services, near the doors of the church and in the parking areas. And as a matter of general caution, we request all to lock the doors of their cars during Mass, Sundays and weekdays.

Infant Baptisms 

Over the years, St. Joseph’s has made great efforts to schedule Baptisms on the day of the parents’ request, and usually individually. All of our parishioners know that this is not the situation in parishes much smaller than ours, not to speak of the large parishes in our area.

Alas, the scheduling is getting more and more complex. We are trying to confer Holy Baptism to infants at least monthly, on Saturdays.

Do not have relatives locked into travel plans before arrangements are secured at the Church! There are also requirements for godparents which the Parish Secretary can convey.

Contact: Parish Office at 919-231-6364

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